When Passions Don’t Pay: Trusting God With Your Work

What do we do when our paid work and passions don’t align? While it’s ideal to find a job where we get to do what we do best everyday, only a small percentage of people enjoy that luxury. If we find ourselves in a less-than-best job, let’s not lose heart. Here’s some perspective, wisdom, and hope for the road. (Click to read more…)

Stop Overspiritualizing Calling

Am I called? This question can plague us or send us into analysis paralysis. In this article, Bethany Jenkins helps us stop overthinking, challenges us to start well and work hard (no matter what job we do), and reminds us that we are all called to be children of God.

If you’re agonizing over your next step or what you want to be when you grow up, here’s some wisdom:”God’s far more concerned with how we work—with faith, hope, and love—than with what career we have.” Read more here…