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Ready to get the proven training and resources you need to equip students to thrive after college?

Let me guess: You know you should be doing more prepare your students for the transition ahead…

…but you have limited time and resources.

Or, maybe you’re not sure where begin or how to take your current efforts to the next level.

I’m here to help!

I offer training courses, coaching packages, and workshop/speaking events. I want to save you time and help you maximize your efforts so your ministry produces alumni who are thriving and eager to give back.

Let go of the guilt that you should be doing more to equip your students, and let’s get started!

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Training Course with Exclusive Online Forum

The bad news: the most recent cohort for this course just concluded.

The good news: you can be the first to know when the next one begins. Make sure you subscribe to updates so you don’t miss out. 

This 4 week course is for practitioners (student affairs professionals, college minsters, church leaders and others) who want to equip students to thrive after college. It involves a series recorded training modules PLUS a weekly live “office hour” with course participants and instructor, Erica Young Reitz. 

In addition to the live training, participants also gain access to an exclusive online forum for asking additional questions, sharing successes and struggles, and networking with other practitioners.

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Coaching & Consulting

Looking for personalized, one-on-one service? Erica offers a variety of consulting services for your context, such as strategy sessions, launch plan creation and implementation, and customized training delivery.

Coaching typically involves weekly to bi-weekly calls that help the lead person or team brainstorm, problem-solve and process during the creation or implementation of new initiatives or as the lead person/team improve existing initiatives. Coaching offer resources, experience, and accountability.

To find out if coaching or another consulting service is right for you, schedule your free consultation.


Erica is a sought after speaker for audiences of college students and recent graduates as well as for those who work with them. She has delivered talks and facilitated workshops in a variety of contexts including conferences and retreats, on-campus chapel services, and academic classrooms. Invite Erica to come to your location or speak via a virtual platform! Inquire here.

Success Stories

InterVarsity was years behind where we should have been in how we take care of our graduating students and equip them for the transition. Working with Erica has helped us catch up incredibly fast! She is able to easily pass on her years of experience so that her skills and wisdom start to reside in everyone she trains and works with. She has incredible practical tools to pass on to staff and students alike that make transitioning from college to the “real world” much easier and makes helping those who are making that transition seem possible. We give a copy of her book to every graduating student in our GAPS Program (for graduating students) and encourage all our staff to get it for their students.  Hundreds of our staff also use her materials to do senior programming. I have never met anyone as passionate about the college to “real world” transition and those going through it as Erica! She is a joy to work with and that passion is contagious to all she interacts with!

-Ryan Lospaluto, Associate National Director of Alumni Relations, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

Several years ago I had an idea to help college seniors transition into life after college. But I didn’t know where start. Then I met Erica. Learning from her years of experience with Senior EXIT at Penn State enabled me to start Senior EXIT at Purdue University this year. Consulting with her over the phone during the summer, she shared resources that helped me structure Senior EXIT and advised me to start small when I tried to take on too much. Erica spent time answering a list of questions I asked so I could understand what content and practices are most effective for graduating seniors, how I could collaborate with community members interested in helping, and how I could go beyond content to hospitality. Maybe the most important thing she taught me is that everything I do for the seniors in Senior EXIT should say, “We love you guys and we are rooting for you in this transition. You are not alone.” I’ve now given her book After College to 60 seniors at Purdue, and it serves as the foundation for helping them transition into life after college. The students and I agree: Erica addresses every major area of difficulty and discernment. Her work is a gift to the university, the church, and the individuals who come under her wise direction.

-Rick Whitlock, CCO Campus Minister at Purdue University & Pastor of Discipleship at Purdue Christian Campus House

Erica Young Reitz has tremendous compassion, insight and experience understanding the complex landscape of young people launching effectively into adulthood. She is able to communicate clearly and give specifics in how to help this next generation navigate their future. Erica came to Hope College and was gracious, engaging, professional and brought positive energy to the topic of life after graduation. She provided relevant information on issues of faith, relationships, calling, finances and the many decisions that come in a life transition. Her ability to work well with a team as well as bring leadership and wisdom is such a breath of fresh air!


-Pam Van Putten, Coordinator for Mentoring and Internships, Students in Ministry Minor, Hope College 

What Erica offers is a hands-on experience — to creatively engage the future — in a non-threatening way. I have to be “in the zone” to make a strategic plan and pursue forward thinking. But when I was in Erica’s class, she asked good questions, as well as used kinesthetic and visual learning to help me debrief the past semester, dream, and set tangible goals to move forward in my work.

-Natalie R. Harvey, Director of University Ministry for City Church, CCO Campus Staff at the University of Pennsylvania


What Students Say

“You made a connection with us in two days that some speakers don’t make in their whole week of being here.”

student, OneLife Program 

“You get us.”

student, Malone College

“Thank you so much for the “life after college” [talk]. It definitely made me calm down…. Amazing how you tied in God in the midst of college graduation and personal experience. Thank you so much for understanding and getting it!

student, Jubilee Conference

“You spoke in our senior seminar class and I wanted to personally say thank you for coming in and sharing your stories. I found it very insightful to learn about the entire process from someone who has experienced it personally and wanted to let you know that it was very helpful for me.”

student, Hope College