What is After College Transition?

After College Transition helps practitioners (student affairs professionals, college ministers, church leaders, and others) get what they need to successfully equip students to thrive in their transition out of college and beyond.

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About Erica:

I’m Erica Young Reitz, and I love helping students and alumni thrive after college. For over a dozen years, I—along with team of co-laborers—have guided college seniors through a program called Senior EXIT. We’ve helped seniors “pack their bags” with the tools and perspective they need to navigate the changes, challenges and choices ahead – because there are lots of them!

My passion led me to write, After College: Navigating Transitions, Relationship and Faith  (InterVarsity Press). After College is a “one-stop resource” for seniors and recent alumni who want to know what to expect from the transition out of college and how to thrive in all areas of life beyond graduation.

There are few things that encourage me more than knowing how After College is making a difference in the lives of students or recent graduates. I also love hearing about initiatives you’re working on to help prepare students for this crucial transition and thrive within it. Let me know if I can help you get a new project started or take your current initiative to the next level!

It’s always a privilege and joy to speak to audiences of students and twenty-somethings as well as with practitioners who work with them (student affairs professionals, church leaders, college ministers and others). This work matters.

Author Bio

Erica is the principal and founder at After College Transition. She has 14 years of college ministry experience working for the CCO and directing Senior EXIT, a one year program focused on preparing students for life after college. During her tenure, Erica not only served and inspired students, but she also has years of experience equipping practitioners across the nation through training workshops, coaching and consulting. As she continues to teach, speak and consult, Erica loves connecting with college students and twenty-somethings as well as with those who work with them.

Erica is the author of After College: Navigating Transitions, Relationship and Faith (InterVarsity Press), and her writing on the topic of the senior year transition has appeared in numerous publications, including Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, and Collegiate Collective. Erica also serves as lecturer in English for Penn State University’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric and as an adjunct faculty member for Geneva College’s Master’s in Higher Education Program.

She lives in State College, PA with her husband and two children.