2 comments on “Summer is Bad Time to Decide to Quit

  • Rebekah Harriger says:

    As a young higher education professional I am just shy of one year of working at my current institution. One of the things I have done is reflect on my first academic year. But right now, I am also trying to have discernment in the direction to take for the upcoming year and also through other volunteering opportunities with young adults. Now that I have been in my role and my new community for a year I want to delve deeper in ways I can connect and serve young adults and college students but, being mindful of not taking on more than I can handle so that I do not push myself to burn out or the point where I “decide to quit.”

  • Erica Reitz says:

    Rebekah, thanks for sharing! You are so wise. Taking time after each semester/academic year to self-reflect, pray, and plan for what’s next is key. I wish I would have been better at this earlier-on in my career. Good for you for establishing these rhythms NOW. Your future self with thank you!


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