What’s Your Go-To Gift for Graduating Seniors?

I received this image above from a college minister in North Carolina who went all-out with gifts for her seniors, saying “sometimes you just have to spoil your student leaders.”

If you are already gifting After College to your seniors…or you’d like to next academic year…this is just a reminder that NOW is the time to stock up while copies are 40% + FREE US shipping (until 7/25). Order here: https://www.ivpress.com/pages/summer-reading.

Here are some other fun ideas to prime the pump!*

  • Gift book
  • School swag: branded mugs, journals, lanyards, picture frame
  • Gift of a one year membership to your alumni association
  • Personalized notes from faculty and staff
  • Framed print of a special group photo
  • Writing journal + gift card to a local coffee shop with request for your student to buy a favorite drink and journal about what God taught them over the year
  • Special pen for writing down their dreams
  • Playlist of songs that capture moments of your time together
  • Swag from this site (https://igbok.com/). We appreciate the message of IGBOK as a final thought to give to students. We gave IGBOK magnets and/or stickers (in addition to a copy After College and a personalized note for each student.)
  • I also love gifts with ampersands (&) because they symbolize that the chapter of college is coming to a close, & the story continues!

OK, your turn. What would you add to this list? What’s your go-to?

Leave a comment below, or drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!


*This question about graduation gift ideas was posted on the Collegiate Collective Facebook Group some time ago; many of these ideas come from those who replied to that post.