Special Video Message from Erica

Those who approach transitions (vs. avoid them) are more likely to thrive within them.

Here’s a special video message you don’t want to miss!

Your comments and feedback help me create customized content. Thank you for filling out the survey. If you haven’t, it’s not too late.

I want to hear from you! Please leave a comment below about one way you’re planning to approach the new year — something you plan to do next semester to start or continue to equip students to thrive after college.

6 comments on “Special Video Message from Erica

  • Hey!
    Thank you so much for creating a survey for this and for having initiative to develop a strategy to care for seniors as they prepare to leave college and launch into the real world.

    One thing that I am planning on approaching in the new year is developing a deeper look at people who have transitioned in the Bible and bringing that into our Adulting 101 class. I also want to develop a better strategy to reaching not only the seniors involved in our ministry, but also to reach the ones on campus that aren’t involved in a ministry.

    • Love this, Meg! I love looking that the life of Abraham as he leaves Ur, and I also love taking students through Moses’ journey. Have you read Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton? She does a beautiful job of taking us through Moses’s leadership journey (a leader in transition who leads a people group who are in tons of transition).

  • Andrew McCarty says:

    Thanks for your continued content Erica! I look forward to hearing more and learning from you about senior programming.

    One thing I’m excited about in January is helping seniors dig into the the story of Nabal, Abigail, and David as Abigail helped David pause, reflect on the direction he was moving in, and ultimately adjust his course. We’ll then help seniors think through a “mid-course correction” from the first half of the school year to the second half of the school year and do some peer coaching on how to proactively plan ahead for this new course and they journey towards graduation. Thanks again for all you’ve done and will do in this important time of transition for seniors!

  • Erica Reitz says:

    This is excellent, Andrew! January is the perfect time to invite students to pause and reflect. And what a creative way to weave Scripture into the conversation you hope to have. Extra props for pulling in one of the great (but often unsung) women of the bible, Abigail – love her wisdom and action (knowing and DOING) — what we hope for all of our students (and ourselves!) Keep on!


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