5 “Must-Have” Features of the Best Interventions to Equip Students for Life After College

I’m excited to share the second video in this series!

If you’re wondering where to start or what to works towards, this next video covers 5 “must have” features we should include in any intervention to equip students for life after college.

I also touch on the question of “Who is responsible for our college seniors?” I’m curious what you think about that question as well as what feature(s) you might be implementing or planning to work towards.

Leave a comment below the video and let me know!


2 comments on “5 “Must-Have” Features of the Best Interventions to Equip Students for Life After College

  • I would love to speak with you on the phone. I am in central Pa, in Lewisburg, the home of Bucknell University. Long short story, I am a layperson who loves college students , God having sent me to a group on Bucknell campus to fellowship for six years after a divorce that nearly destroyed my life. Best time of my life ; I have so far been to 12 of these wonderful students weddings and , though the group, The Gathering, no longer exists on campus, my heart is still drawn to college campus ministry. I just watched the first video and I feel that you indeed have many great ideas. My name is Dean Snook , a central Pa. farmer who loves Jesus and people . Please call or text me at your convenience at 570-809-2454. I am currently fellowshipping with some students at Bucknell and Susquehanna that I met at my church. Blessings to you. Backstory, my own daughter, after attending Christian school K-12, walked away from her faith while attending Ithaca college, and remains away at the age of 29. Breaks this dads geart, and hits close to home. Gods got her, but I have seen this happen often. My big word for Christian college students is IDENTITY. Correctly understanding AND TRUSTING our great Godgiven identity is essential , and often not emphasized enough. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • Erica Reitz says:

      Wow, Dean. Thank you for sharing all of this. I strongly agree about your thoughts on identity formation and the college years. Happy to connect. Thanks for the work you’re doing at Bucknell!


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